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Call for papers

AustralasianAssociation for

Communist and Post-Communist Studies

14th Biennial Conference

31 January–1 February 2019

Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia

TheAustralasian Association for Communist and Post-Communist Studies (AACaPS)invites panel and paper proposals for the 14th Biennial Conference to be heldat the Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia on 31 January – 1 February2019. The event will be hosted by the Griffith Business School, Griffith AsiaInstitute and co-hosted by NationalCentre for Research on Europe from University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Theme of the conference: 30 Years sincethe Fall of the Berlin Wall. How Communism and Post-communism are tracking

Theyear 2019 will mark 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. This symbolicevent led to German unification and the collapse of communist party rule incountries of the Soviet-led Eastern bloc. Since then, the post-communistcountries of Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe have tied theirpost-communist transition to deep integration into the West, including EUaccession. Most of these states have been able to relatively successfullytransform their previous communist political and economic systems, although thenon-Baltic post-Soviet states have generally been less successful in doing so.In contrast, communist countries in Asia, in particular China and Vietnam, havefocused their transformation on economic reforms and development while largelymaintaining communist party political dominance.

This conference seeks to address andcompare those diverse developments in communist and post-communist countriesand their relationship with the West from various angles. The conferenceorganisers welcome papers and panel proposals from a broad range of disciplines,including but not limited to: economics and finance, political science,history, sociology and cultural studies. The geographic focus of the conferenceis broad and includes countries of the former USSR, Eastern and South EasternEurope, and Asia. Studies focusing on other regions are alsowelcome.

The following thematic topics areexpected to be discussed in greater detail:

1. Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges of EU accessionand post-accession

2. Russia and its role in globalaffairs.

3. Chinaunder Xi Jinping’s leadership.

4. Crisison the Korean Peninsula and the prospects for peace.

5. CentralAsia and its recent developmental dynamics.

Submission of Proposals:Please send the following to aacaps2019<アット> name, 2) current institutional affiliation, 3) title/position, 4) postaladdress, 5) title of panel or paper, 6) panel description or abstract of paper(200 words or less).

Confirmed KeynoteSpeakers:

Stephen E.Hanson, Lettie Pate Evans Professor of Government, William & Mary

Viktor Larin, Professor of International Relations, RussianAcademy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch

Deadline for proposals: 31July 2018.

Publications: Select paperspresented at the conference will be invited for publication in the specialjournal issues.

Important dates: • paneland abstract acceptance notification issued – 31 August 2018

• full draft papersubmitted to be peer-reviewed – 31 December 2018

Conference RegistrationFees: • Standard – A$100

Concessional - A$60(full-time students)

Contacts: Conference-relatedcorrespondence should be addressed to the conference convenor: Dr AlexandrAkimov, Griffith University Tel: 61 7 55528579 Fax: 61 737353719 E: aacaps2019<アット>



標記の件につき、本研究会の有志から以下の声明文の発表がありましたのでお知らせします。 ************** 日本学術会議の在り方をめぐるロシア史研究会有志声明 日本学術会議協力学術研究団体であるロシア史研究会の有志は、内閣府による「日本学術会議の在り方についての方針」(令和四年十二月六日)が、以下に述べる危険性をはらんでいることを深く憂慮し、方針の再検討をここに要望します。 内閣府の改革案

早稲田大学ロシア東欧研究所より11月5日開催予定の研究会のお知らせが届きましたので、以下にご案内いたします。 ―――――――― ロシア東欧研究所では、以下の要領で、Zoomのオンラインによる研究会を開催します。 皆様のご参加を心よりお待ちしています。 日時   2022年12月17日(土) 午後1時30分開始 (いつもと開始時間が異なりますのでご注意ください) 報告者  ピョートル・ポダルコ氏

和田春樹先生より、ラッセル・シンポジウム第2部のご案内がありましたので、以下にお知らせいたします。 ****************** ドクトル・ラッセル没後90年記念国際学術シンポジウム 第二部(オンライン) 2022年12月18日(日)16:00-20:00 開会の辞                    和田春樹(東京大学名誉教授) ご挨拶               ラッセル孫・大原安光

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